ABA Therapy Services for Children with Autism

It Starts and Ends With YOU!

While many clinicians are passionate about working with children with autism, high caseloads and a considerable amount of time in the car can leave them feeling drained and worried that they are unable to make a significant impact on the children they are serving.

We get it! And we’ve been there!

At Arches ABA Therapy, we do things differently. Our clinician-focused program allows us to ensure our clinicians have everything they need and want to better serve their clients and their families and find deep fulfillment in their positions.

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Prospective Team Members

As a prospective team member, it is important for you to understand who we are, what we stand for, what we will expect from you and what you can expect from us.

We want to acknowledge at the outset that we understand that you are interviewing Arches as much as we are interviewing you. You should have a set of standards and expectations, beyond simply your rate of pay, that you are seeking in a potential employer; if we cannot meet these standards and expectations – you should not consider us as an employment option. We certainly have standards and expectations that we require from every Arches team member – every day, 100% of the time.

Who we are – is simple. We are a team dedicated to providing our clinical staff with the respect they deserve and the resources required to allow them to deliver exceptionally high-quality therapy to our clients while, equally as important, experiencing the joy and satisfaction from their chosen career.

What we stand for – 3 things.

1. Providing an environment that is clinician-focused, allowing the clinician to experience a high level of satisfaction, joy and fun while providing exceptional services to our clients.

2. Providing our clients with therapy that has a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their family members.

3. Living our Core Values all day, every day. Passion, Trust, Integrity, Accountability, Support, Fun, Learning and Empathy.

What we expect from you is a lot.

1. We only want team members that show up every day with a positive and passionate attitude. Showing up only to earn a paycheck will not work within our culture.

2. Living our Core Values all day, every day. We take our guiding principles seriously. Passion, Trust, Integrity, Accountability, Support, Fun, Learning and Empathy.

3. Giving 100% effort every day.


4. Adhering to our policies and procedures.

5. Understand that as a member of the team you will do whatever task necessary in order for Arches to deliver high quality services to our clients and to support fellow team members.

6. Understand that you are to hold yourself, your fellow team members, and Arches management accountable to commitments made and adhering to the Core Values.

7. Smile, be respectful and have fun.

What you can expect from Arches – a lot also!

1. Provide an environment that is clinician centric; helping you to be the best you can be.

2. A commitment to understanding your career aspirations and to assisting you in achieving those aspirations.

3. Direct access, on a regular basis, to senior management so that we can understand how to better support you.

4. A high level of accountability across all facets of our company.

5. To attract families that are committed to supporting and working with our clinicians to maximize the impact of service provided.

6. Provide competitive wages and benefits.

7. Continue reinforcing our Core Values—“walk the talk” every day and only employ individuals who value and exhibit these Core Values.

If this description of our company and our expectations resonates with you and are aligned with your personal goals, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to determine if Arches is place where you want to practice your profession.

The Arches Senior Team

Arches ABA Therapy for children ages 2-6 with autism in New Orleans, Louisiana
Arches ABA Therapy for children ages 2-6 with autism in New Orleans, Louisiana

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